Coolest Halloween Wedding

Y’all, let me tell you about the coolest Virginia Halloween wedding I got to shoot in October 2021. So, Alli and Joey got engaged in August 2021 and decided they didn’t want to wait to get married! Alli reached out and told me they were having an October 31st wedding! Right off the bat, I knew the vibes would be immaculate.

Getting Ready

To start the day, both Alli and Joey hung out with their closest friends. Joey decided he and his guys would enjoy a game of golf before the excitement of the day started. I met the guys on the course and we rode around playing golf! Quick tip: you can do literally whatever you want on your wedding day. After hanging with Joey and his guys, I met up with Alli to capture her getting. Alli rocked an amazing mohawk, done by one of her best friends/hairstylist Stevee plus some white Dr. Martens. Absolute rock star vibes.

The Ceremony + Reception

After getting ready, we all headed to the barn where the ceremony and reception would take place. The barn was decorated in the most elegant/fun hallowedding decorations. There were spider webs, skeletons, and pumpkins galore. Alli and Joey shared the sweetest first look, and the way Joey looked at her made my heart melt.

After we did some portraits it was time for the ceremony! Alli and Joey shared their vows in front of their family and friend. And of course,were pronounced married! Once the ceremony was over, it was time to party. After the formal reception events were over, it turned into a costume party!!

Make Your Day Whatever You Want

Alli and Joey’s wedding was one of the coolest weddings I have ever been to. They 100% made their wedding day exactly what they wanted it to be. As a reminder, your wedding should be based around you and your partner! If you want to have the coolest Virginia Halloween wedding- you absolutely should… and invite me to document it!



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