Colorado Couple Session in Boulder Colorado

In July 2021 I got to shoot my first real adventure elopement in Fort Collins, Colorado! My friend, Lisa, and I got to shoot it together (Lisa the Photographer/ Me the Videographer). The months leading up to our trip, we searched for another couple to model for us while we were there. After lots of social media model calls, our searching came up short. So we decided we’d look for someone once we got there, the good old fashion way.

Well we were driving out of Garden of the Gods, when we saw these two cuties out for a walk in the park. Lisa and I immediately knew we needed to talk to them. So, we put the car in reverse, rolled our window down, and yelled at them from our car… Not the most graceful/professional way to go about it I know lol. We told them we were Maryland photographers looking for a couple to model for a Boulder Colorado couple session. Luckily we had some business cards to give them, so they could tell it wasn’t total stranger danger. We quickly got their phone number and sent them the rest of our info.

We 100% did not expect them to actually follow up with us, but after about an hour we got a text saying they were totally down! After chatting with them for a bit we learned that they had a recent court house wedding, and never had the opportunity to get wedding photos! Pretty sure it was fate that our paths crossed. This Boulder Colorado couple session turned out to be one of my all-time favorite shoots. The connection they share is so magical and natural- I felt so privileged to be capturing it.

We are still friends with these two on Instagram, and we get to continue following their love story! So yay for making new friends and spontaneous photoshoots in amazing places.


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