Intimate Swallow Falls Elopement

One of my favorite places in Western Maryland is Swallow Falls State Park. It is a smaller state park, but is home to some of the most beautiful Maryland scenery… although I may be little bias. This park made the perfect setting for Skyler and Trey’s Intimate Swallow Falls State Park Elopement.

When Skyler and Trey contacted me they talked about the significance Swallow Falls held to them. In November 2020, Trey asked Skyler to marry him at the top of Swallow Falls water fall! So it only made sense that they would then have their wedding ceremony there too. While we were planning for their elopement, we discussed different spots in the park for their ceremony. They decided the overlook at Muddy Creek Falls would be the perfect spot for them and their guest!

Before their guest had arrived Skyler and Trey shared an intimate first look, and got to spend some time soaking in the excitement. They then had their wedding ceremony in front of Muddy Creek Falls with their closest family and friends. After the ceremony we spent some time wandering around the park and stopping at all the prettiest spots. Swallow Falls is great for this, since the loop trail is only about a mile and a half.

The weather was surprisingly warm for a Garrett County fall day, so it made for a super fun hike! The trees had yellow and orange foliage, and it was a crisp high 50s day. As we hiked Skyler and Trey received endless ‘Congratulations’ from other park visitors! If you are hiking around in wedding attire, I can guarantee you will be receiving lots of love from strangers lol.

We finished their intimate Swallow Falls State Park elopement by recreating a photo they had taken in middle school, when they first started dating! Skyler and Trey were amazing to capture. Their day was filled with love and adventure, and it was an honor to be a part of it!



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